Sunday, 6 April 2014

Back Down with a Bump

Like Steve and Xander, here in central Oxford after great catches recently things have come back down with a bump over the last few days, in fact last night was sadly back to single figures. I did manage to catch a few moths of interest. Like Steve and Xander I too had my first Brimstone. I also had a micro which I think I'm right in identifying as Caloptilia Rufipennella from the mottled upper leg pattern. In addition I had a noctuid which I'd initially dismissed as just a Clouded Drab but looking at the patterning along the leading edge of the wing and the relatively unpointy wing shape I'm now wondering about Red Chestnut. I'd appreciated ID confirmation or correction with both please.

Adam Hartley

Caloptilia Rufipennella?
Red Chestnut or just a Clouded Drab?

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  1. Hi Adam, I'd agree with rufipennella but I'm afraid the other one is still one of the infinitely variable Clouded Drab!


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