Friday, 11 April 2014


Marc mentioned 'some sort of Scoparid moth, possibly Eudonia augustea' in his last post and that's what I thought this visitor to my Robinson trap in Thrupp, Oxon, last night, was going to be. But checking out the Crambidae in Sterling & Parsons leaves me uncertain and grateful as ever for advice.

Sorry not to have sorted a scale ruler yet but I hope that you can see from the fabric - a sheet which I put under the trap - how tiny the moth is.  Otherwise, the eggboxes hosted seven Common Quakers, four Small Quakers, three Hebrew Characters, three Early Greys, three Powdered Quakers, two Clouded Drabs, one Brindled Beauty and one Chestnut, with a further three Hebrew Characters on the sheet along with the micro.


  1. Hi Martin,

    This looks to me like a twenty-plume moth with its wings closed. Best wishes, Marc

  2. Well I'll be blowed - thanks v much Marc. One of my favourite tiddlers but so different when at rest

    Many thanks again. M


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