Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Family Pitching In

In response to Martin's post, yes it's been very hard going the last few nights here in central Oxford. I did try the trap a few nights ago and got just 3 Early Greys for my efforts so with the continuing clear nights and a more or less full moon I haven't been bothering at all. However, all is not lost thanks to the efforts of my family who've managed to find a couple of new moths for my garden year list. Firstly my wife found an Esperia sulphurella in the bathroom (the window had been open). After the excitement of finding it's rarer look-alike (see here) it was good to get the common version by way of comparison and it's easy to see how different they. In addition, yesterday, my son (who's very sharp-eyed when it comes to spotting bugs & insects) found an early Yellow-barred Brindle in our garden next to his swing.

Adam Hartley

Esperia sulphurella
Yellow-barred Brindle

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