Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hatch & Catch

The pupa I reported digging up on 4 April hatched overnight into this handsome Angle Shades - interesting that, to me at least, the moth's distinctively-raked wing wasn't obvious from the pupa-casing.

In the trap meanwhile, Pale and Pebbled Prominents brought my total of that tribe this year to three, after last week's Coxcomb, and I belatedly welcomed my first Streamer. Also new was this Flame Shoulder, a moth I like because Messrs W,T & L make a rare diversion from sober data in the Moth Bible to refer to its habit of whirring around by traps and sometimes finishing up in recorders' ears - an actual example of this largely legendary fear among those who view all moths with suspicion.

Also for the record, three Brindled Beauties in excellent condition, two each of Clouded Drab, Common Quaker and Hebrew Character, one each of Chocolate-tip, Early Grey and Powdered Quaker, a new type (for me) of caddis fly, an Ophion wasp and a spider. Plus one micro and one pug which I'll post later in the hope of ID help. I think the pug is probably Oak Tree. Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. If you see PW's hair, you'll understand how easy it is to divert a moth in the direction of the ear.

  2. Goodness, a treat in store for me!


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