Wednesday, 30 April 2014

More micros, with apologies

Several mystery micros in our trap on 28th April, as well as a healthy number of Epiphyas postvittana. All help with species much appreciated: the first appears to be some sort of longhorn or ally; the second clearly one of the Torticidae along the lines of Epinotia nisella, and the third some species of Acleris or similar - possibly Acleris laterana? If anyone can cast light on any of them, that would be great. Steve and Xander Goddard.


  1. Hi Steve and Xander,

    First is of an Eriocrania species, that's as far as i dare go. Last species looks like Syndemis musculana to me. BW, Marc

  2. P.S. nisella flies considerably later in year I think, and more likely immundana but I don't see many of these and others will be able to shed much better light on this.

  3. I agree with Marc on the first two: an Eriocrania species and Epinotia immundana. I'm not comfortable with the third as Syndemis musculana from that picture, especially with no indication of size (although the moth is flying now and is a rather more varied species than the single illustration in the field guide suggests).

    As a general comment to everyone, remember that it is very important to read the text in the field guides as well as consulting the pictures!

  4. This is a good page/site I found recently:

  5. Many thanks, Dave and Marc - I should say I didn't think the second *was* nisella, which I realised flew later in the year, just that it looked like something closely related: immundana looks spot on. Given what you've both said, and the webpage Marc found, the third does look to me like Syndemis musculana (its size would be right: it was on the smaller side), and the first is looking a bit like Dyseriocrania subpurpurella, but I'm guessing neither one is really provable...


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