Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pale Prominent and 1 for ID

After picking the snails off the trap this morning I found the best catch for sometime despite the rain. Apart from an Angle Shades, an Early Grey, two Common Quakers, 3 Hebrew Characters and a worn pug I found a Pale Prominent and two Muslin Moths. Both new for me and of extra significance as they were featured in the first book I actually wanted my parents to buy and learned to read from (The Observer Book of Larger Moths).
Mark Griffiths

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  1. Hi Mark, after such a warm day with a thundery ending I too was expecting an improvement in the garden catch and wasn't disappointed (moths do fly in the rain!). I ended up with 15 species here at Westcott in Bucks, of which Argyresthia trifasciata, Chinese Character, Garden Carpet, Brimstone Moth, Swallow Prominent, Chocolate-tip & Pale Prominent were new for the year. There was also a large-ish geometer which I disturbed from a nearby bush at about 10pm but it was promptly scoffed by the ever-present bat patrol. Hopefully it was just an Engrailed and not something more interesting!

    I think your Pug is most probably Oak-tree but it would be good to have someone else's thoughts too.


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