Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Pug ID

Ran the trap last night - got my first Waved Umber which was nice, plus Garden Pebble, 2 Muslin Moths, an Early Grey, 3 Hebrew Characters and a Brimstone.

Picture is a pug from a few days back - I was going to put it down as a Double Striped but I'm not sure. Sorry no size, I didn't manage to get it potted up before it flew off.

Mark Griffiths


  1. I do so hate identifying Pugs from photos and not from the microscope, but I think yours is a Brindled Pug Mark.

  2. ...and there was I thinking it was probably a female Oak-tree! It just goes to show that trying to ID Pugs from pictures is often a fool's errand, and it will only get worse as the season progresses!! We are agreed, though, that it is definitely not Double-striped.

  3. Hi Mark,
    I think the pug is an Oak-tree Pug as it has the compact shape and prominent discal spot of this species.


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