Thursday, 17 April 2014

Ruby Thursday

Given the lack of anything interesting to report from my traps given that these cold nights with a great big full moon keeping the nights bright have resulted in a maximum catch of 5 Hebrew Characters over the last week, I'm resorting to some day observations starting with a friend's sighting of a mating pair of Ruby Tiger moths on her lawn in Brightwell cum Sotwell (VC 22), spotted rather fortunately before the lawn was mown.

Mating Ruby Tigers Brightwell cum Sotwell 

On my butterfly transect at Buttler's Hangings (VC 24) earlier today I also had a freshly emerged Mother Shipton, Burnet Companion, three Pyrausta nigrata, several Pyrausta aurata, Red Twin-spot Carpet, and a freshly emerged White-pinion Spotted. Sadly haven't managed to attract any male Emperor moths to assembled females having tried all week in my garden, at CEH Wallingford, at Buttler's Hangings, Aston Rowant (S) and Bagley Woods. Marc Botham, Benson

Mother Shipton at Buttler's Hangings

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