Friday, 4 April 2014

Tawny Pinion?

I've only been moth trapping for less than a year now and use a bucket and upturned lampshade with a UV bulb to try catch moths so never catch the numbers that most of you do. However this morning I found this moth in my garden moth trap in Aylesbury. It appears to me to be a tawny pinion? If so unless the NBN database is out of date it would be a first for my 10km square. What do others think please?  Ryan Clark


  1. That picture is a little dark, Ryan, but I think I can see most of the salient features of Tawny Pinion (certainly the dark crest on the thorax is visible). A nice find! There are about 50 records for the moth in Bucks, of which about three-quarters are post-millennium, and it seems thinly spread throughout the county. It has been noticeable by its absence since 2010 but seems to have bounced back this year. There are a couple of records from Wingrave in 2007/2008 which is in the same 10km square as most of Aylesbury, but certainly no known records from the town itself.

  2. Hi Both,
    The two pinions (Pale and Tawny) seem to be having a very good year this year. Having never seen it before until a couple of weeks ago, I caught another 2 Tawny Pinions at Bagley Woods the night before last, along with another Pale Pinion. I also had my first garden record of Pale Pinion last night as well. I've also heard of others catching both species in other places around UT area recently. Pretty fantastic!


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