Friday, 29 July 2016

Admin Message

I've just looked at Blogger's stats for the first time in a while and see we've now passed 2,000 blog entries since the Upper Thames Moth blog was set up at the end of 2013.  Perhaps more interesting is that we've now had more than 200,000 page views.  We seem to be reaching a much more widely spread audience too, with no less than 1,445 page views yesterday (just over half of them in the UK but the majority of the others in Russia and the USA).  Who knew that so many people abroad would be interested in your garden moths?!

Keep up the good work and please don't forget to add your name and location to each post.


  1. Just looked at the Hereford & Worcester stats. Whilst it is far quieter than the UTB blog, we had over 800 page views today and there are over 5x more Russian viewers than UK ones. How odd.

  2. Well done for working so hard on it, Dave. It must help to get so many views that the format for this site is easy to access and use and makes such full use of pictures and comments. Peter has just beaten me to it! But I was about to say that the Hereford and Worcester site is the same in layout and equally readable. Try also the Ceredigion site, which is similar and which displays quite a few differences in their moth populations and ours. Some moth sites are practically moribund, I'm sorry to say.
    Andy. PS - Perhaps an English-speaking Russian viewer might join and tell us what the fascination is?

  3. Hear, hear! The blog is absolutely terrific and the patience and help of so many experts is hugely appreciated.

    Blogger stats are a strange field, almost as specialised as micro moth genitalia, with a whole world of things such as 'refer spam' which creates non-existent links and hits (I know that sounds paradoxical but much more info on it and other oddities can be found via Blogger's excellent help systems).


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