Sunday, 31 July 2016

Burial Park and COAM Moths

The regular GMS trap at the burial park, and a cheeky light left overnight at COAM again added to my year list. As is usual, some of these things I can id, and some I can't.

NFY at the Burial Park on Wednesday attracted a Barred Red and an Antler Moth, plus this which I am taking to be Peacock...

At COAM, I had a brace of Tree Lichen Beauty, a Purple Thorn, Bordered Pug, Small Waved Umber and these:

(this is Dark Spectacle, isn't it...)

Is this Agonopterix kaekeritziana?

Are these micros id-able?
(edit - having now seen Mark's post further up here, I'm thinking this is Plutella porrectella?)

Finally, this hoverfly caught my eye due to it's weird face, if anyone (Martin H??) can id it for me...


Dave Morris, Seer Green


  1. I'll do the top few. Peacock, Dark Spectacle (nice one), yes to kaekeritziana, then porrectella, Hedya salicella. Not sure on the final one, but may be naevana. Did you take an overhead shot of the hoverfly perchance?

  2. The hoverfly may be Volucella pellucens,

  3. I think you are right Adam. Having just recorded it in the garden here a couple of days ago, you'd think I'd remember it!

  4. Could the last one be one of the many forms of Gypsonoma dealbana - looks like several of the ones I've had recently?

    Agree with pellucens, definitely Volucella, a top shot would have easily confirmed this.

  5. Thanks. I have overhead pics of the hoverfly; I'll make a new post...


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