Wednesday, 6 July 2016

And a few elusive micros

As usual, a few problematic micros have featured in recent days in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire; we've cleared up quite a few, but the ones below are proving troublesome: a presumed Ancylis, but rather hard to make out; what might be an Epinotia bilunana; and a possible Eudonia bilunella.

Presumed Ancylis sp., c.8mm, 5/7/16

Possible Epinotia bilunana, c.7mm, 4/7/16

Possible Eudonia delunella, 4/7/16
These four below have more or less entirely foxed us, and may prove impossible to pin down, but as ever, we'd be grateful for any enlightenment!

Unknown micro, 5/7/16

Unknown micro, 6-7 mm, 5/7/16

Unknown micro, 8-9 mm, 3/7/16

Unknown micro, c.5mm, 4/7/16
Steve and Xander Goddard


  1. Hi Steve & Xander, nothing definite springs out at me for any of these micros and any IDs offered would be guesses only. Brighter images might have helped but I think most are too worn anyway. The scoparid almost certainly won't be delunella which is at best very rare in our area (if it still exists at all) and I'd suggest that any potential record would need examination of the moth by your county micro recorder.

  2. That's fine - thanks anyway, Dave: they are all rather undistinguished-looking individuals...

  3. The top one looks like Rhopobota naevana (maybe the dark and gloomy second one also) and the 4th one Brotropha terrella (probably). The penultimate may be a Rhyacionia sp.

  4. Thanks, Peter - sorry, didn't notice your comment at first.


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