Monday, 11 July 2016

Id help from Iver

Some help with these from Iver would be much appreciated



3 very small, see 4

4 same as 3, yellow head any help?

4 Cyclamen Tortrix?

Many thanks! Barnaby Briggs


  1. Hello Barnaby, the first is an yponomeutid and probably Paraswammerdamia nebulella but would need a better photo (and an indication of size) to determine for sure. The second one seems rather worn and a more side-on picture might have helped, but could be a tired Ancylis achatana. Numbers three and four show a Nepticulid but it is rarely possible to do any of this family to species from looking at the adult. Males can be dissected but the easiest way to record these species is to look for their larval stage leaf-mines. The next one isn't Clepsis spectrana but might well be Acleris ferrugana (which in any case needs dissection to separate from Acleris notana). The final one is a Cnephasia species which also needs dissection to get to species. Not a very helpful response from me, is it?!!

  2. Actually really helpful! Thanks so much


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