Friday, 8 July 2016

Burial Park Leaf Mines & A Moth

All these mines were on the same small birch at the Burial Park the other day. Any ids would be most welcome!

Also, is this moth Satin Beauty or wishful thinking?


Dave Morris, Seer Green


  1. I agree with Satin Beauty. Some one else will have to do the mines.

  2. Would the long wandering mines be Stigmella lapponica?

  3. Hi Dave, I don't know what has caused the feeding damage in the second image but the other three show mines made by Diptera, Coleophora or Hymenoptera but not Lepidoptera.

  4. They don't look like lapponica to me. The first part of that mine would be full of greenish frass and then it widens with a line of black frass. I can't work out if the first pic shows a 'blind alley' or not . That half reminds me of a mine, but I can't think which one - but not on Birch, I believe. The blotch mines may well be flies or Hymenopterans.


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