Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Eana osseana

Eana osseana is a moth that when I read about I feel I should very much have encountered before, but was not only a garden first but a lifetime first for me last night in my Didcot garden. Catches are still very small and cool nights have not inspired me to indulge in many surveys away from the garden. Marc Botham, Didcot

Eana osseana - Didcot 4th July


  1. Nice one! I like the way the books say it is 'common' when it quite obviously isn't in our area. I've never seen it either and there's only one record for Bucks...

  2. Comforting to hear you say that though as I sometimes feel like I'm doing something wrong not seeing all these species listed as common, or overlooking them somehow. The other one in that area that is supposedly common and widespread but I've never seen despite trapping throughout the year is Exapate conglatella - are there many records for Bucks?

  3. Exapate congelatella came to my mind straight away when I saw your picture because of its vaguely similar wing shape. So far as I'm aware the only Bucks record is still the one caught in my garden trap on 14th December 2005!

  4. Wow. Not so common then. maybe worth targeting this winter though hard to target something that is supposed to be everywhere :)


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