Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Garden Tiger and some micros

A very small catch last night with a drop in temperature and using the 20w eco bulb. However it was nice to catch the first Garden Tiger I have seen for a long time and also my first Pale Mottled Willow - a moth I feel I should have caught before now.
Also a few micros for checking or help.

Aleimma loeflingiana ?

Garden Tiger

Eucosma cana ?

Unknown - dead in bottom of trap

Andy Newbold, Sibford Ferris, Oxon.


  1. Hi Andy, how nice to get a Garden Tiger! They do still turn up occasionally in our region but seemingly in ever-decreasing numbers, particularly so here in Bucks although I think Oxon does a little better. I haven't seen a live one since 2011 but in 2013 did find two deceased specimens in the Marsh Gibbon RIS trap (Bucks but very close to the Oxon border).

    The two named micros are as you suggest, while the bottom one looks to me like Celypha lacunana.

  2. Thank you. I'm afraid Garden Tigers seem to be going the same way as Hedgehogs, Lapwings and Wall butterflies among others. Having posted the picture I had a horrible feeling it might be another C. lacunana!


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