Saturday, 16 July 2016

GMS Moths

Although I had no where close to the number of moths Mr Wilton had last night, I did get a few new for year with Least Carpet and Spilonota ocellana plus a new for garden Epiblema foenella (below)

Also, this which I'm not sure about of anyone can id it for me.I've lightened the pic a bit cos it was dark and early (early start at work today...)

Dave Morris, Seer Green


  1. Can I have a wingspan for the Dioryctria Dave?

  2. Shoulder to wingtip is about 11mm. So (because you've suggested Dioryctria), I guess that would make it simplicella (based on sizes on UK Moths). I do still have it though, if it is worth chopping?

  3. The more I chop this group, the more difficult I think they are to separate. However, 4 species, 2 are larger. So at 11mm, or equivalent of 24mm in old money for wingspan, it is one of the 2 smaller ones so it means it would either be simplicella or schuetzeella. The sub-terminal line always gives a clue plus for simplicella, it is completely grey. Your image is a bit dark, but it looks grey to me. If you want to keep it, it is quite easy to separate male simplicella from schuetzeella. Females I've stopped doing because they are all so similar. But it would enable close-up viewing of the wing pattern, so yes, keep it for your next batch.


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