Friday, 29 July 2016

Micro help please

I think the first three shots of the same moth from the resting position might be Pedisasia contaminlla, the next one Agonopterix arenella and I'm not sure about the next two.

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. thanks Peter, were the others correct?

  2. The Pediasia looks correct to me, Mark and it is certainly sitting in the expected 'nose down' position. I've only seen it the once in Bucks and there are only four VC24 sightings so I suspect it would be a good record for Oxon too. It would be worth asking Martin Corley, your county micro recorder. Yes to Agonopterix arenella.

  3. Martin has kindly confirmed the Pedisasia contaminlla, and says it appears to be a first for VC23.

  4. Good stuff - sadly this has just alerted me to how bad Ive been with my records. I used to catch contaminella in garden at Lonesome farm (VC23) and had it at other sites in VC23 too. But I sent all my records to Martin T who is macro-moth recorder and have forgotten to ever send Martin C my micro records. Whoops!


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