Friday, 29 July 2016

Micros from Coleshill

A good number of moths came to the garden MV trap on Tuesday night with 88 species including many NFY micros (Euzophera pinguis, Ysolopha dentella, Phycita roborella, Acleris forsskaleana, Agapeta zoegana, Endotricha flammealis and Ringed China-mark) as well as a nice range of Notodontidae (Iron, Swallow, Pebble and Pale Prominents as well as Sallow Kitten and Chocolate-tip).

However, there were a few micros that require verification below that I have from top to bottom as Epinotia tenerana, ? possible worn Celypha lacunana, ? possible Gracillarid and, lastly, Paraswammerdamia nebulella.

Many thanks

Olly Fox
Coleshill (VC22)


  1. Hi Olly, the third one is Bucculatrix nigricomella which seems to be having a really good year (I'm seeing it just about everywhere and in some numbers at the moment). The fourth looks to me more like Swammerdamia pyrella because it seems to have more than a hint of copper in the fringe.

    1. Many thanks Dave - the copper fringe on the Swammerdamia is obvious now you've pointed it out! We have quite a lot of Ox-eye Daisy in the rough, grassy areas of the garden so having the B. nigricomella appear isn't too surprising, although this is the first one I've seen.

  2. Interesting stuff and glad you made this comment. I;ve never knowingly seen nigricomella but have seen it everywhere this yera including regualrly in Didcot garden. I thought maybe I had been overlooking it before, but they seem quite distinctive and now you've said they're having a good year that reassures me I haven't been. Strange how these things happen. I notice for example, you have now had your first Eana osseana now too Dave, so that is obviously having a good year too. Another seemingly having a good year and turning up in good numbers everywhere is Borkhausenia fuscescens. And the spread of Tree-lichen Beauty continues as I had my first Didcot garden record last night. Still waiting for Jersey Tiger to get here though and Toadflax Brocade has had an awful year - can't find any larvae this year and only had a handful of records.

  3. Oh and Oncocera semirubella as well - as well as Dave's glut the other night I've had two new site records for it: 1 in CEH Wallingford Rothamsted trap (Crowmarsh Gifford) and 1 in Bagley Woods, Oxford. Both not really the right habitat so guessing the large numbers locally result in high dispersal.

  4. I agree about Borkhausenia fuscescens - normally one record a year if I'm lucky, but this summer I'm approaching double figures. Good to see one or two moths doing well! I actually had Oncocera semirubella in the garden last Sunday but because it was the night after I'd seen so many at College Lake I dismissed it as one which must somehow have followed me home in the car! I'm sure it'll get here under its own steam one day. Still waiting for Jersey Tiger and Toadflax Brocade (probably too rural for the latter, which seems to be more a moth of built-up areas at the moment).


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