Sunday, 24 July 2016

Mompha langiella.

A Mompha langiella; one of two raised from leaf-mines on Enchanter's Nightshade, gathered while I was weeding in my Chorleywood garden a few weeks ago.
Not a common moth in Bucks.
Mind you, I really could do without that wretched weed in my garden.
Andy King.


  1. Splendid - rather better than the naff picture I managed last year

    I thought those of us who were really keen on micros let things like Enchanter's Nightshade grow in our gardens as a matter of course!

  2. I've got lots of Enchanter's Nightshade that spreads ever onwards. I'll have to give it a closer look.

  3. Enchanter's Nightshade - this fantastic name for a runty little fully paid-up weed. If you pull it up little portions of root break off and regrow and it's seeding now and we have two dogs and the seeds get in their coats. Etc. The Momphas don't have to worry too much - the weeds are winning.
    Adam - if you're going to look for the old blotch mines, watch out for the Mompha terminella mines as well, with their curly interior patterns.


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