Saturday, 30 July 2016

More Micro & Pug queries

Still in catch up mode.

First one - no idea

Second & third - & fifth (different individual) -one of my references suggests if they are fresh you can seperate them out - maybe quadripuncta?

Then I think it's a White-spotted Pug

The final one - ok, I saw it and still managed to squash it - maybe Tineola bisselliella?


  1. Hi Mark, the first is too far gone to get to species from that picture but is a tineid along the lines of something like Nemapogon cloacella. The Oegoconia will unfortunately need chopping to get safely to species. The Pug is indeed White-spotted while the final image looks to me more like Crassa (Batia) unitella - the palps are far too large for a tineid.


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