Friday, 8 July 2016

One question from a much better night

A much better catch last night but not really approaching the numbers reported elsewhere. However there were 7 macros new to me this year (Light Arches, Common Emerald, Muslin Footman, Green Arches, Swallow-tailed, Smoky Wainscot and Marbled Green) plenty of micros including my first Rusty-dot Pearl and a possible Celypha striana. Confirmation or correction welcome. Lozotaeniodes formosana is becoming a regular visitor to the trap this week.

 Possible Celypha striana ??

 Marbled Green

 Rusty-dot Pearl

Lozotaeniodes formosana

Andy Newbold, Sibford Ferris, Oxon


  1. Marbled Green is a very nice catch. I understand there have been several sightings in Oxfordshire in recent years but its eastward spread seems to have slowed and we still have only the one record for Bucks.

  2. Thank you both. I caught another Marbled Green last night and one last year. I am located nearly as far west or north-west as it is possible to be in the Upper Thames region and there are lichen covered stone walls around the garden There were also 5 Muslin Footman in the trap last night so maybe the walls are providing a useful habitat.


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