Thursday, 28 July 2016

Spots of various sorts

Following Neil Fletcher's record on 16 July, I found this male Four-spotted Footman in the trap this morning. Their size really comes as a surprise. I've only had one previously here, on 23 July 2014. It was also a treat to see a Maiden's Blush and a Leopard, the latter conforming to UK Moths' note that the species sometimes 'rests conspicuously during the daytime'.  I photographed it an hour-an-a-half ago and it is still there on the windowsill, now in full sun, unmolested by the pesky robin and blackbird which inspect the area both before I arrive and after I have cleared away the trap.   Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon 


Update: here is the Leopard this evening, below, 12 hours after the picture above was taken. It has moved regularly during the day but only to alter its angle. Dozens of birds have passed nearby. Fascinating.

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