Friday, 15 July 2016

Thanks and a few more questions

First of all many thanks to Dave Wilton for suggesting that my image posted on 9th July might be Grapholita lobarzewskii. This has now been accepted as the first record for Oxfordshire. It is most encouraging to get something noteworthy.

From last nights catch I have a few more images for ID help.

Could this be a rather battered Fen Wainscot? Definitely smaller than the Common and Smoky Wainscots I have been catching (about 17mm in length)

Catoptria falsella?

Is this just a very dark greenish variation of a Coronet?

Possible Foxglove Pug?

As always any help is most appreciated.

Andy Newbold, Sibford Ferris, Oxon.


  1. Hi Andy - i would say you've got a very worn Small Wainscot, and agree with all your i.d.'s.

  2. Hi Andy, I certainly agree with Catoptria falsella and Coronet. The Wainscot I'm not sure about - it is really just a bit too early for DM's suggestion of Small and it doesn't look to me like Fen (which would be a really good record in your part of the world). The most likely is just a small Common or Smoked (I've been seeing quite a few undersized moths of a number of species this year, including both those two). The Pug will probably be Foxglove but I wouldn't like to say for sure from that image.

  3. Thank you. The wainscot had a different 'feel' to it compared to the Common and Smoky I have been catching. There was no sign of any smokiness on the hind wings or underside. I wondered about Fen as it seems (from the field guide) to have a similar distribution to Obscure which I have definitely caught a couple of times. I would think the most likely answer is a small specimen of a Common.


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