Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Unusual catches

The last two nights have produced some unusual catches. Although from other posts it sounds as if I am not alone in this. Monday night yielded no Dark Arches or Large Yellow Underwing and just four Heart and Dart. On the other hand I had 7 Marbled Green and just with the macros 5 new species for the year. (Drinker, Leopard, Fern, July Highflyer and the one in the photo - Dentated Pug?
A bit overwhelmed with micros but I have included a couple of photos I could do with help with.
A very similar catch last night but with 12 Marbled Green! also in excess of 60 Water Veneer - mostly dead in the bottom of the trap. A lot more micro photos to sort this afternoon!

 Unknown micro.

Possible Dentated Pug?

View of first one from above

Possible Swammerdamia pyrella about 5.5mm long and at the limit of what my camera can cope with. Not very cooperative either!

Andy Newbold, Sibford Ferris, Oxon.


  1. Hi Andy

    Your possible Dentated Pug is a Brown Scallop


  2. Hi Andy, your tortrix is a nicely-marked Bactra furfurana while the other is indeed Swammerdamia pyrella with its obvious coppery fringe.

    As Adam says, the macro is the rather common Brown Scallop. Dentated Pug is a nationally scarce moth (not sure about Oxon but there are no known records for Bucks) so any claim to have seen it locally would probably have to be backed up with the specimen being retained.

  3. Thank you. I was so busy looking back and forwards at the descriptions and pictures I didn't think to look at the status! Having added 10 species of micro and 6 macro to my list in two nights and needing to spend time identifying each one carefully I have been a bit overwhelmed with moths! I now need a couple of days to get all my records up-to-date.


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