Saturday, 23 July 2016

What a moth!

I recorded my first Scarce Silver-lines on Thursday 21st July, a moth I've always wanted to see, what a beautiful moth. Other new for garden macros in the last week or so are Lesser Cream Wave(14th), Pine Hawkmoth(16th), Small Fan-foot(18th) and Dusky Sallow(21st).
Scarce Silver-lines
Dusky Sallow
New Micros for the garden are Eucosma obumbratana(18th), Catoptria falsella, Epinotia nisella and Ptycholomoides aeriferanus(19th) and Brachmia blandella(20th). My Year list is now 234 species.
Yponomeuta padella?
The field guide says it is probably reasonable to identify examples with all grey ground colour as Y. padella. Would this moth be safe to call Y padella?

Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes


  1. I would say that the ground colour of your specimen is not ALL grey, so probably not safe to say padella.
    Separating Yponomeuta padella and malinellus is quite problematical and in the majority of cases it may not be possible to reliably name specimens. There are also difficulties with other members of the genus. Knowing what the larvae have fed on might help. If there is any doubt (which may be most of the time) I think it is best to record as an aggregate.
    If you think you can reliably name specimens your record should contain details of what features you used.

  2. Thanks Martin, I will record as aggregate.


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