Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Where have all the Dark Arches gone?

Even in this hot weather i've had a dearth of common species in my Aylesbury trap this year so far, with only 45 Dark Arches and 200 Heart and Darts! I've had quite a reasonable variety of species but mostly in low numbers. I did have a new moth for my garden last night though, my first Silky Wainscot; also nice to see my first Leopard moths (2) and Drinker female.   Dave Maunder
Silky Wainscot, Aylesbury, 20-7-2016

Leopard Moths, Aylesbury

Female Drinker, Aylesbury


  1. Interesting, I've also had an influx of female Drinkers these past 3 nights of trapping. Dark Arches numbers are also down on usual too. Silky Wainscot is a nice record.

  2. I'd swap some of my Dark Arches for a Leopard moth

  3. I'd be in the swapping business too. No shortage of Dark Arches in Thrupp.


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