Saturday, 9 July 2016

Yellow-legged Clearwing

For the third year in succession, I have been successful in attracting a Yellow-legged Clearwing into my Cookham garden using the VES lure.

However, I have yet to have any success with the other clearwing lures. I guess the other clearwing species just don't reside within "sniffing" distance of my garden.

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. Nice one, Steve! I'd consider persevering with the other lures, though, if you can afford the time to watch them - after all it is a good excuse to sit out in the garden in sunshine for an hour or two, beer in hand. I've never tried to work out my capture rate per hour spent watching the lures over the past ten or more years but the figure must be infinitesimally small, yet I've managed to get garden records here for Yellow-legged, Currant, Red-belted and Orange-tailed. I also know that Six-belted and Hornet Moth are within 'sniffing distance' if the wind is in the right direction!

  2. Oh yes, I'll keep trying with the other lures. As you say, a good excuse to sit and enjoy the garden.


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