Thursday, 22 June 2017

A few micros for advice

Having just about sorted last night's catch with about 115 species and quite a few new for the garden,
I am left with a few questions.
The first was dead. About 16mm in length.
The pale Tortrix was about 7mm long.
The plume had a wingspan of 18mm. I wondered about Buckleria paludum?
Finally Stathmopoda pedella - included just because I thought it was a bit unusual and rather nice.
Any help with the other 3 most welcome as I am going seriously cross-eyed looking at moths!

Andy Newbold Sibford Ferris Oxon


  1. Hello Andy, I'd hazard a guess that the first is a Dioryctria species and, if correct, it would really need dissection to get to species. The second looks to me like an odd Epinotia bilunana but the third (the Plume) is really too dark an image to hazard a guess. The Stathmopoda is indeed both unusual and rather nice!

  2. Thank you. I think I should have got the Epinota but by the end of yesterday I was running out of energy. In one night I had added 5 new macro species and possibly 9 new micros to my garden list! It is the first time I have had over 100 species in one night and there wee probably more that escaped or got overlooked.


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