Monday, 26 June 2017

Marlow Bottom 24th June

Nothing particularly exciting, except for me! I had my first ever Pine Hawkmoth, a species I wasn't hopeful of getting due to the lack of large conifer tracts here.

I also had another 'common' species for the first time - Agapeta hamana is extremely regular, but Agapeta zoegana put in an appearance.

Another first was actually five moths.  One I have probably overlooked in the past as I have lots of wild marjoram here, Thiotricha subocellea.  It took a while to work out, as it didn't seem to be in the right family!

A probable fourth first and another common species, was Stenoptilia pterodactyla.  The photo isn't great and I couldn't obviously see any white costal cilia, but the colour and everything else looks ok - any comments?

And finally, a photo of an Oak Nycteoline for Steve!

Adam Bassett

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  1. There are few records of Thiotricha subocellea in Bucks. I had two or three at Holtspur Bottom on Saturday night but it is only known from six other sites in the Chilterns. Probably overlooked, as you say! I agree with your ID for the plume.


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