Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A couple of queries from Longwick

Last nights catch was mostly fairly typical but Fern and Varied Coronet are pretty unusual here - I haven't seen the Varied Coronet in a long time. Had a noticeably small Herald and my first second brood Early Thorn this year. I have a couple of queries - a tortrix which might be Gypsonoma Aceriana and a coleophorid - around 9mm long - possibly lixella? ( I tend to shy away from these!).


  1. Hello Andrew, to me the first one looks closer to Gypsonoma dealbana. We have very few records of aceriana in Bucks (fewer than 10). I'd prefer to see a view of the Coleophorid from a different angle but the size and if it has "upturned wingtips", which seem to be evident in your shot, would indeed suggest lixella. It is a chalk grassland specialist but you are closer to the Chilterns than I am and I've had it in the garden here a couple of times.

  2. Thanks Dave - I will add a side ways shot of the possible lixella. I'm afraid I only have the one - much poorer alternative angle!


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