Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Triangle rediscovered in South Bucks

Sir Eric Ansorge says of Triangle:  "Buckinghamshire is one of the chief haunts in England of this very local moth.  It is 'not uncommon in beech woods at Marlow' (South), and this is the only locality given in the V.C.H. [the Victoria County History].  A number of specimens were taken at High Heavens Wood, 19.vii.58."  However, since those 1958 records there have been no further sightings of this Red Data Book species in south Bucks, nor anywhere else in the county until it was discovered in Bernwood Forest in 2010.

Last night I trapped again in Hog & Hollowhill Woods at Medmenham, which probably qualifies as one of Richard South's 'beech woods at Marlow' even though it is infinitely more varied and interesting in tree content than being just a 'beech wood' would infer.  Almost on the stroke of midnight a Triangle appeared as if by magic right next to me on the sheet beneath one of the two traps (funny how that happens with some moths, you don't see them arrive, they're suddenly just there!).  When going through the same trap later on I found another one inside it.  Definitely a memorable trapping session just for those two individual moths!

Triangle (male), Hog & Hollowhill Woods 26th June

Triangle (female), Hog & Hollowhill Woods 26th June

There were quite a few other goodies as well though, including Ethmia dodecea, Eana incanana (a double-digit count, very nice to see), Large Emerald, Mocha, Beautiful Carpet, Haworth's Pug, Clouded Magpie, Great Oak Beauty, Barred Red, Maple Prominent, Rosy Footman, Red-necked Footman &Waved Black.

Beautiful Carpet, Hog & Hollowhill Woods 26th June

Clouded Magpie, Hog & Hollowhill Woods 26th June

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks


  1. I'm just down the road from High Heavens Wood, but there are so many woodlands that probably never get looked at

  2. Indeed Adam, so many of the woodlands in the area between Marlow and Henley are in the hands of large private estates, many of whom don't exactly encourage visits from the likes of us!


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