Sunday, 11 June 2017

A few queries from Longwick

A not dissimilar set of new moths here in Longwick ( but nowhere near the volume / quality!). Barred Yellow and Barred Straw were new for the year as were Ash Bud Moth and 2 Small Elephant Hawks. the latter seem to arrive as soon as my honeysuckle flowers. Three Burnished Brass included two "fused" and one  not. A few queries below. Is the first a worn Udea Lutealis (around 10-12 mm wing length)? The second is perhaps Gypsonoma Oppresana and the third is a Wainscot which has seen better days but didnt look right for Common or Smoky? Ideas appreciated!


  1. The middle one is certainly Gypsonoma oppressana, Andrew. I can't be sure of the other two but the obscurely-marked Anania (was Opsibotys) fuscalis is certainly a contender for the pyrale. It is common locally wherever there is yellow rattle.

  2. Thanks Dave. The Anania passed away allowing a better look and you were spot on with fuscalis.


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