Sunday, 18 June 2017

Advice please on this tortrix

This tortrix should be simple given its striking markings but I have failed to find it! FW length is 11mm. It came to light in Longwick on Friday 16th June. I'm sure the experts will know it instantly!

Not a lot of change in the catches here in Longwick at the moment - first of many Large Yellow Underwing appeared and the Buff Ermine appears to be doing well here?

The Clepsis Dumicolana colony is still going - up to 30 individuals being seen by day and the first ever in my garden trap suggests maybe they do disperse at night? The trap isn't visible from the colony as I trap at the rear of the house and the colony is on the front.


  1. Hi Andrew,

    I think this might not be a tortix, but the tineid Nemapogon cloacella, also known as the Cork Moth. There are a few very similar species but this is the most common. I'm not hugely confident from the images though and suspect sending it off for the chop is the only reliable way.

    Best wishes, Marc

  2. Hi Marc. My moth was too large for cloacella but once you had put me onto the right group I found it.It is morophaga choragella. Many thanks for your help - it was certainly tortrix like and sized!

  3. Silly me, as just had choragella other day but had it in my head the image was of a much smaller moth and so thought cloacella though it didn't quite look right. That'll be why :). Lovely moth


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