Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Altenia scriptella

This came to my garden trap last night.  It looks a dead ringer for Altenia scriptella from what I can tell.  The Hants moth site says that this is Nationally Scarce A, so I thought I'd check.  I didn't pot it but it should still be in the trap until this evening.

Adam Bassett
Marlow Bottom

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  1. Not a moth I'm familiar with, Adam, but it looks a perfect match to me and I'm not aware of anything it could be confused with. Very nice! Martin may have more up-to-date information but I know of only two previous records for Bucks. Both are pre-2000 and from Homefield Wood which is not a million miles away from you. As you said the other day, you have field maple too (which is its food-plant).


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