Friday, 16 June 2017

Big micros

Sorry another query: am I right in bravely suggesting that these two micros are Donacaula forficella and Calamatropha paludella? Nice new macros meanwhile include Scorched Carpet, Small Elephant Hawk (still pining for a Pine) and Sprawler.  Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. Sorry, not Sprawler. It's something else... I will return to my books.

  2. Hi Martin, yes to both Donacaula forficella and Calamotropha paludella! Pine Hawk-moths are out there in low numbers away from the more obvious conifer woodlands so I expect one will turn up for you eventually. I had a couple in my garden in 2005/2006 then a long gap until 2014, after which one per year has turned up here (including this year already).


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