Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Left a light on at the museum on Thursday night. I had clouds of moths when I picked the trap up in the morning, some of which left pdq, but some NFY included Short-cloaked Moth, Purple Clay, Blood Vein, Reddish Light Arches, Bird's Wing, Flame, Shoulder-striped Wainscot, Beautiful Golden Y, Small Yellow Wave and Maple Prominent.

 Bird's Wing
Purple Clay

Also, if anyone can help with these...

 (wing span approx 16mm)
 (wing span 22mm)
 (small, but couldn't get exact wing span)

And I assume this is Large Twin-spot Carpet?

Dave Morris, Chalfont St Giles


  1. Yes to Large Twin-spot Carpet, Dave. I'll pass on the Pugs...

  2. The "Scoparids" looks like pyralella and the one above isn't that Notocelia roborana?

  3. The middle pug looks reminiscent of White-spotted Pug, but without white spots in the relevant places. You can't use that as an ID, though!

  4. The top pug might well be Haworth's - that is small, fairly pale/plain but with an orangey band on the mid abdomen

  5. Thanks! Adam, I saw the Haworths pic on your post and thought "hmm that looks like the one I have the other day".


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