Friday, 2 June 2017

Commophila aeneana

We went for an evening walk in a field close to home last night.  We saw lots of the commoner things like Celypha lacunana and white plume.  Towards the end, sitting on a thistle was this moth:

Can someone confirm that this is Commophila aeneana, please?  (There is a sensible amount of ragwort in the field).  If so it seems to have a very restricted distribution?
Phil Cutt
Grendon Underwood


  1. Hi Phil, yes that's aeneana. Nice moth isn't it.

  2. Very efficient on this blog! Thank you, yes it is very striking but I thought mine had a little too much black compared to the book and others photos.

  3. Phil
    Can you please supply a 6 fig grid ref so that I can put the record in the Bucks database. Do you have other Bucks moth records?


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