Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Confirmations sought please for a few tricky Noctuids

Had an excellent 51 macro-species in the trap at Ali's Pond LNR including what I think are Dingy Shears and Shears - please could anyone confirm ? I suspect the third one may be unidentifiable but thought I'd include it anyway!
Dingy Shears?

Shears ?

Another Shears?


  1. Hi Alastair, I agree with Dingy Shears although I've not seen one quite as brown as that before. The middle one doesn't look like Shears to me but could be Dusky Brocade, while I'll pass on the last one.

  2. I can't pin it down, but the middle one reminds me of the group of moths around campion, lychnis, etc.

  3. I'm sure Dave is correct that the middle one is a Dusky Brocade.


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