Saturday, 24 June 2017

Currant Clearwing to VES lure?

I put out my VES lure about 4pm this afternoon in the garden, the aim being to see a Yellow-legged Clearwing which has been a regular visitor to my garden over the past couple of years.
Within a few minutes, a small clearwing started flying around the trap and I managed to net it and carefully put it in a pot. Being very flighty, below is the best picture I have managed so far.

Definitely no yellow legs. It looks like a Currant Clearwing to me, but please tell me if I am wrong. I do have currant bushes in the garden.
Having put this clearwing to one side, I returned to the trap and found another clearwing sitting inside the trap. This one was larger, and definitely had yellow legs! See below.

So, an unexpected double success.

Steve Trigg, Cookham

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  1. That wouldn't be the first time the "wrong" species has turned up to a clearwing lure, Steve!


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