Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Beautiful Snout

Dithering about whether to go trapping or not a couple of nights ago I decided to make the effort at the last moment and went to the local woodland, Philipshill. I was glad I did: 114 species (plus a few more) later I had encountered a couple of notables. Star, in my opinion, was my first Beautiful Snout:

Also a moth that would have been immaculate but for a bad rip in a hind wing: Cydalima perspectalis:

Also, not one, but two Meadow Brown butterflies, rendered all the stranger by the fact that the light they obsessed over was in the middle of a Beech wood. Also, the following scruffy moth is mentioned because it would be a first for me and I have been known to get this one wrong before:
Am I right and it's Archips crataegana? It was accompanied by good numbers of its close relative
 A. xylosteana and it is similar to them.


  1. Similar but different, looks like A. crataegana to me. Some nice moths there.


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