Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Celypha rosaceana

Hi everyone. First time posting here but I have been trapping in my Banbury garden since 2013. In that time I've only clocked up a relatively poor ~200 species but since upgrading to an MV Skinner trap the catches have been improving nicely. Sunday night (17/06) was my best night so far with 45 species, 14 of which are new for me. My favourite of all was this, which I believe to be Celypha rosaceana,

There was also this which I'm still unsure on but I was wondering about Cochylis molliculana? I understand this is quite scarce however so I’m not sure.

Apologies for the poor in pot pictures. I do have a 2mm grid I like to use but it’s difficult getting them to sit still for long enough in this weather.

Tim Clark, Banbury


  1. Hello Tim, that is indeed Celypha rosaceana which isn't all that common a species around here so a nice garden record. The other one does look like a good match for Cochylis molliculana which is spreading northwards and seems to be having a good year.

    By the way

  2. I've taken the liberty of adding a title to your post; if there's no title then Blogger uses the first half dozen or so words from the body of your post which can look a bit odd in the list of June postings on the right hand side of this page! The "Post Title" box is right at the very top on the message composition page and, on my computer anyway, is occasionally obscured by pop-ups.

  3. Thank you for the confirmations Dave.


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