Monday, 12 June 2017

Longwick 11/6

The wind seemed to cut numbers here as we are quite exposed from the south west and west. However new for the year were Brown Rustic, Shears, crambus perlella and Heart and Club. A single Diamond-back moth appeared as did an initially confusing pretty -much all dark Conwagana. A nematopogon is pictured below - I had the same species yesterday and today. It's unhelpfully around 8mm and despite one of the" horns" being broken I had this down as schwarziellus?


  1. It is either metaxella or schwarziellus, Andrew, and the wing shape does seem to favour schwarziellus so you could well be correct with your ID but I would prefer to see a better photo. The one good 'horn' would fit a female of the former and a male of the latter - did you happen to check which sex it was?

  2. Sadly I didn't notice the sex - I have added a second photo which is less in focus but at a different angle. Not sure it helps though.


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