Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Marlow Bottom 20/06/17

My garden trap last night produced 97 identifiable species of which 50 were macros.  In addition to the Altenia scriptella noted in my previous post, Cochylis hybridella was also new for my garden list.  I trapped both Scarlet Tiger and Nephopterix angustella again (and two more Mocha), though I had moved the trap to a slightly different location.  My local population of Recurvaria nanella are on the wing again and a single specimen came to light.

I was briefly confused last night by a quite well marked but small Pug (wing span 15mm), though this morning in better light it was clearly a runt Green Pug.  It was similar in size if not smaller than the 3 Haworth's Pugs that also arrived.

I failed to pot a  Pseudatemelia sp, assuming at the time it was josephinae, forgetting that there are confusion species! (I must trap more!).  Also, I often get one or two of these Monopis sp.  They look to me like obviella, as the dorsal stripe seems very yellow and the wings look reasonably solid black.  What do others think? I've never had one that looks that much different and may be crocicapitella, though I've never checked the hind wing.

Cochylis hybridella
Recurvaria nanella
Haworth's Pug
Pseudatemelia sp
Monopis presumed obviella
Adam Bassett

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  1. Whilst I think you are right about obviella, it's another one to keep as there have been quite a few crocicapitella records, especially in the south of the county


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