Tuesday, 20 June 2017

More Tigers

My garden trap on the 18th was a little disappointing considering the weather and what everyone else is reporting, only 42 macro sp and 34 micro sp identified.  Maybe it was the rather wooded area where I placed the trap.  Certainly a male Stag Beetle flying in didn't help, as I had to open the lid to remove him - that's a trap first for me.

Main highlight was the appearance of two Scarlet Tigers, which judging by reports seem to be ever more frequent.  These were a garden first, if you ignore my only previous record of one found flying inside my car as I commuted home from Bedfordshire!  My wife had seen a 'red' day flying moth a week or so ago which I'd said was probably a Cinnabar, but now I wonder.

Another presumably overlooked garden first was three Nephopterix angustella.  Siting the trap next to a Spindle obviously helped here.

I did have a nice Mottled Beauty f. conversaria, which flew off as I pointed the camera at it and is only the third of this form I have seen here.  Archips crataegana is also not seen that often here.  I'll refrain from posting pictures of the two Mochas for Dave W!

N. angustella (1 of 3)
A. crataegana (record shot only!)
A. achatana
Adam Bassett
Marlow Bottom


  1. Always nice to see Mocha!! Archips crataegana is a nice record too. There are about 150 Bucks records altogether but nearly all are from within oak woodland. Yours appears to be only the third garden from which it has been reported.

  2. My garden is woodland edge and actually encompasses part of the wood itself which contains oak, though mostly beech (and some field maple!)


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