Monday, 19 June 2017

Quick check on an odd Turnip

Good moth trapping sessions at Ali's Pond LNR in Sonning last weekend. 50 macro species including first parish record of Barred Yellow and a new site record for Clay Triple-lines. Just wondered if the experts could confirm the other image as Turnip Moth, or correct me. Not seen one like this before, without the "dart" markings etc. It was the right size and shape for Turnip, had white underwings like Turnip and was Turnippy-skittish !

                                                                  Barred Yellow

                                                                   Clay Triple-lines

Turnip Moth?


  1. I can't make it anything else. Of course if you had looked at the hindwings also, it would have helped

  2. Thanks Peter - yes as I mentioned in the post it had white underwings so was pretty confident, but never seen one like that before.


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