Friday, 23 June 2017

Red-necked Footman

I had this lovely Red-necked Footman on wednesday night, the first for my Garden, also couple of Micros i need help with.
First is Endothenia, and with a 9mm FL am i ok with recording as gentianaeana? I did check all my teasel heads in the garden but no sign of any Larvae were found.
Second i think is Lampronia corticella (Raspberry Moth) 6mm FL. can't find an exact match.
Third I'm clueless, a Gelechiidae?
Red-necked Footman
Thanks in advance,
Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes.


  1. Hello Darren, nice to get Red-necked Footman in the garden - I had one here in 2013 but unfortunately it hasn't re-appeared since, as yet! I'd be happy with your Endothenia and Lampronia although because there is only one other 20-year-old record for corticella in Bucks then Peter might like to have it for dissection if you still have the moth. The last one does look odd. I wonder if it might be a Metzneria species that has been cooked a bit in the pupal stage? Heat seems to bring out odd variations sometimes.

  2. Yes it would indeed be good to be able to dissect the Lampronia, keep it if you haven't disposed of it yet. My first thought on the last one was Cnephasia longana, what do you think Mister Wilton?

  3. Sorry it's gone, didn't realise it was so rare. Is there any way I can find out the status of the moths in Bucks so I know what is scarce or rare?


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