Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Some confirmations please

Better night last night.

I think I have a couple of NFM, Shoulder striped Wainscot and Lozotaenia fosterana - could someone confirm please?

First couple of Heart & Club showed up - one was very dark (I had deliberately over exposed to be able to see any markings).

Similarly what I take to be a dark Heart & Dart

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. Mark, your third picture is a Heart & Club. It doesn't have the thick dark band across the forehead like Heart & Dart has and the markings are quite different. Heart & Club and Turnip are somewhat similar.
    The others are correct.

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  3. hi Martin, thanks - yes I'd realised the 3rd one was a H&C but I didn't phrase it very well in my post.

    What I meant was I'd had a couple of H&C, one was very dark and I put only that one photo up. The fourth picture moth I thought was the dark Heart & Dart.


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