Thursday, 22 June 2017

Surprise in the Longwick trap

Sorry - no photo but I decided to put the trap out last night given the likely end of the good weather. I had to be in work early so really had to just pot what looked interesting and dash out the door. Sadly the micros didn't get the attention they deserved. Having waded through 19 Scarlet Tigers I was surprised to see a Beautiful Snout on the trap side. New for me - I am guessing the nearest bilberry must be somewhere like Turville Heath?

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  1. Hi Andrew, Beautiful Snout is well known for turning up in unlikely places. It is either really good at dispersal or uses something else as a food-plant as well as bilberry (heather has been suggested although we have no records of the moth from heathland sites in Bucks). Always a nice moth to see!


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