Monday, 19 June 2017

Westcott, Bucks

I'm getting rather behind with my admin at the moment (too many moths!) but I made a concerted effort today to at least get the garden sightings up-to-date.  The following have been added to the year list over the past week:

12th June
Archips podana, Epiblema roborana, Pine Hawk-moth, Heart & Club, Ingrailed Clay, Burnished Brass.
13th June
Hedya salicella, Elophila nymphaeata, Endotricha flammealis, Lackey, Hummingbird Hawk-moth (daytime), Shears, Dusky Brocade.
14th June
Metzneria metzneriella, Aleimma loeflingiana, Ancylis achatana, Epinotia abbreviana, Enarmonia formosana, Acentria ephemerella, Homoeosoma sinuella, Pterophorus pentadactyla, Blue-bordered Carpet, Tawny-barred Angle, Double Square-spot, Beautiful Golden Y.
15th June
Scarce Footman, Smoky Wainscot.
16th June
Yponomeuta evonymella, Batrachedra pinicolella, Common Footman, Dingy Shears.
17th June
Argyresthia pygmaeella, Scythropia crataegella, Aethes rubigana, Archips xylosteana, Gypsonoma dealbana, Currant Clearwing (daytime), Dwarf Cream Wave, Small Fan-footed Wave, Small Yellow Wave, Small Seraphim, Swallow-tailed Moth, Rustic.
18th June
Brachmia blandella, Parachronistis albiceps, Agapeta zoegana, Cochylis hybridella, Clepsis spectrana, Epiblema uddmanniana, Eucosma cana, Cydia pomonella, Crambus perlella, Pyrausta purpuralis, Udea ferrugalis, Euzophera pinguis, Achroia grisella, Ghost Moth, Leopard Moth, Buff Arches, Peach Blossom, Small Blood-vein, Single-dotted Wave, Brown Silver-line, Lilac Beauty, Privet Hawk-moth, Scarlet Tiger, Short-cloaked Moth, Grey Arches, Dot Moth, Clay, Broad-barred White, Lunar-spotted Pinion, Small Angle Shades.

Epinotia abbreviana, Westcott 14th June

Batrachedra pinicolella, Westcott 16th June

The 17th was my first garden 100+ species night of the year.  Last night there were probably 150+ because the macros alone accounted for 93 species.  I'm sure that the fifteen Elephant Hawk-moths trapped is a site record too!  Small Yellow Wave appeared on both of those nights and it has only been seen once previously, back in 2006, while Small Seraphim (17th) was also on its second ever appearance with the first being three years ago.  Best of the bunch though was Grey Arches which was a completely new moth for the garden. The moth below from last night took a bit of working out but it seems to be just an unusually white form of Brown China-mark Elophila nymphaeata.

Elophila nymphaeata, Westcott 18th June

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks

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